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Animal Health Research Club (ARC)

In 2012 BBSRC established the Animal Health Research Club (ARC) to bring together industry and the research community to support research that improves our understanding of resistance to pests and diseases in farmed animals.

The research generated from the club will underpin knowledge and improve skills in the research community to provide valuable pre-competitive outputs for the animal breeding, pharmaceutical and production industry sectors.

ARC has 12 company members who contribute to funding research and take part in directing the Club's activities. ARC has a total budget of approximately £9.5M:

  • £965k - Industrial membership subscriptions
  • £500k - The Scottish Government
  • £8M - BBSRC

The contacts for this club are:
Faith Smith - tel: 01793 442802, email: and
Charlotte Bell - tel: 01793 413343, email:

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