Collaborative research:

Data exploration – creating new insight and value

Call status: Closed
Next application deadline: TBC


The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £4.5M in collaborative research and development that addresses the technical challenges and business opportunities presented by the huge growth in data.

This competition focuses on innovations in the data exploration techniques of analytics, modelling and visualisation to generate new insight and value from large amounts of complex data.  

We expect projects to range in size from total costs of £100k to £500k, although we may consider projects outside this range, and they should last between six and 24 months.


All projects must contain a significant and identifiable element of technology innovation and risk, in other words some uncertainty as to how significant technical limitations or barriers can be overcome. We are keen to encourage multidisciplinary innovation based on recent technical developments or breakthroughs that could have applications in a range of markets.

The scope must be with our remit (see 'Our portfolio' in related links). Examples would be software to enhance data analysis, integration and exploitation by the bioscience R&D community, particularly where it will address bioscience challenges such as global food security, helping the UK become a low-carbon economy and driving advances in fundamental bioscience underpinning health and quality of life.

The scope of the competition includes but is not limited to:

Successful applicants can attract grant funding towards their eligible project costs. The percentage of costs that we pay varies, depending on the type of research being carried out and the type of organisation involved.


We expect to fund mainly industrial research projects in which a business partner will generally attract up to 50% public funding for their project costs (60% for SMEs). Research organisations may participate in projects as a partner in a consortium, however, at least 70% of the project costs must be incurred by businesses. We expect projects to range in size from £100k to £500k. We may consider larger projects but applicants should discuss this with us before making their application.

Projects are generally expected to be at the industrial research stage, although they may include elements/work packages of pre-industrial/experimental research, particularly if they address areas of interest to research councils listed above. Some work packages of industry-oriented basic research may be supported, provided they are clearly shown to be an essential part but not the main focus of the innovation project.

How to apply

This call is closed to applications.

For further information and to apply please visit the competition webpage at: or call the competition helpline on: 0300 321 4357.

A briefing event was held in London on 7 January 2014 to highlight the main features of the competition and explain the application process. There was also a Data Exploration and the Biosciences workshop.

Peer review

Applications are assessed on individual merit by an independent panel of experts. We may apply a portfolio approach across the challenges and sectors, subject to applications meeting the required quality threshold.