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Application received

Applications are made to the Research Councils' Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) system. They are then transferred to the BBSRC grants system, which gives each application a unique identification code, for example:

  • BB/G003456/1
    • BB refers to the BBSRC (Je-S is cross-Council)
    • G is the year the record was created (F = 2007, G = 2008 etc)
    • The other 7 digits are the unique identifier

Applicants should receive an acknowledgement with the identification number within 5 working days of correct receipt of the application. This number should be quoted on any further correspondence.

If amendments are required to the application it will be returned to the institution’s submitter pool for actioning. An e-mail notification will be sent if this happens.










SSC pre-award application processing

tel: 01793 867126