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Checked for faults

Our administration team checks if:

  • Application forms have been completed correctly
  • Applicants are eligible to be a grant holder

Applications that have obvious "faults" are logged accordingly and the applicants notified with a strict deadline (normally 1 week) to correct faulty applications. BBSRC specific requirements can be found on the Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) website.

Our peer review teams check applications on the following:

  • Forms are completed correctly:
    • Correct number of CV's attached
    • Correct number of pages in case for support
    • Required letters attached
  • Eligibility of institutions and applicants
  • Uninvited resubmissions

Unsuccessful BBSRC research grant applications must not be resubmitted. Resubmissions will be considered where they have been invited by the Committee, or if the application is substantially different in terms of objectives and/or work to be carried out. Permission from the Committee programme staff must be obtained and the application must include a covering letter declaring it as a resubmission, detailing the modifications which merit its re-consideration.

Responsive mode applications are checked in the peer review administration process to identify any uninvited resubmissions. Uninvited resubmissions will be rejected.



SSC pre-award application processing

tel: 01793 867126