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Reports and response sent to IMs

At least 2 weeks before the committee meeting members are sent all applications, referees’ comments and applicants’ responses, so they are able to take part in discussion on any application at the meeting. The exception to this is where a member has a potential conflict of interest on an application, in which case they do not receive the paperwork for that application and they must leave the room during the discussion.

Applications are accompanied by a cover sheet giving details of BBSRC grants the applicant has held and the scores of any final report assessments.

Referees' comments or applicants' responses received within 3 days of the meeting will be made available to the committee to take into consideration, however, given the volume of paperwork it cannot be guaranteed that late comments will be read by the committee.

Referees reports are obtained for the assistance of the committee. Although the committee takes into account their comments, they do not form the sole basis for its decisions. The committee should indicate where its recommendations differ from those of the referees.











SSC pre-award application processing

tel: 01793 867126