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Recent grant awards

Research Councils are committed to publishing the funding decisions made by their Panels in order to help research organisations understand the position of their application and the range of all outcomes. This improved transparency will inform management of the demand and promote improved quality of applications.

Please note that funding decisions are the result of sets of circumstances which are unique to that occasion. As a result there is no comparability between the funding cut-off levels evident in the different funding-decisions published by the seven Research Councils of the RCUK.

It would therefore not be valid to make comparisons between funding cut-off levels from different meetings of the same Panel or Panels in a given Research Council or between different Research Councils. Enquiries or challenges to decisions founded with such comparisons will not be considered by Research Councils.

The values shown in the successful proposals tables are requested amounts - actual awarded values will be lower. Once grants have been accepted and have started, they will be reportable in portfolio analyser, our awarded grants system (see related links). Actual awarded values are only available through the portfolio analyser.

Applicants must await official confirmation before making any commitments against their award.

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