Research funding:

Grant eligibility enquiries

For queries about eligibility for studentship funding, please refer to studentships. Please note that studentship funding is awarded to universities and research organisations, and not directly to students.

For grant eligibility enquiries, you should first consult section 3 of our grants guide and we encourage you to discuss with colleagues at your own institution any issues that you identify.

If, following this process, you are still unable to resolve your query, we recommend you contact us (using the form below) to resolve the issues prior to submission.

Please note BBSRC will only accept eligibility queries via the form below. Applicants seeking clarification via the telephone will be redirected to send a query via the form.

For us to provide you with the most appropriate information, you will need to submit the following details:

Grant eligibility queries will be reviewed once a week; we will acknowledge receipt of your query within one week and you should typically expect a response to your query within two working weeks.

Applicants should include BBSRC's response to their query within a covering letter when submitting a proposal to prevent further lengthy iteration following submission.

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