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Grants guide


List of recent changes

The Cross-Council research grant terms and conditions now appear as a separate document under the ‘Post-Award information’ sub-heading on the Apply for funding page of the website together with a new document that appears under the 'Funding processes and rules' subheading which provides an overview of the organisational and individual applicant eligibility criteria.

For further guidance please see related links.

V11.08 – January 2014

  • Various hyperlinks corrected and updated
  • Information on collaborations with Scottish Main Research Providers removed pending a further agreement
  • Clarification that BBSRC will fund 80% of sub-contracts (paragraph 2.47)
  • Clarification that all Principal and Co-Investigators must be at lecturer level or equivalent (paragraph 3.3)
  • Clarification on Research Outputs requirements (paragraph 6.3 et. Seq.)

V11.07 - October 2013

  • Final reports: The guide has been updated in a number of places to remove the requirement for final reports and to include reference to the collection of outputs via the RoS system. Interim reports are still required on new applications where the Applicant/Co-Applicant is Principal Investigator on a current grant or on a grant which has completed in the previous 12 months
  • New Investigators: Clarification that New Investigator applications can have collaborator(s) from the same discipline (at no cost to the grant) but cannot have Co-Investigators from the same discipline
  • Students on grants: Clarification that BBSRC does not allow studentships or student resource (where the student is carrying out work that will contribute to their degree) on grant applications


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