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E-science development fund


  • EPSRC (£18K)
  • MRC (£27K)

Funding total


Number of projects funded


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To help the biological community develop e-Science/the Grid as a working research tool.

Key aims

  • To work towards a common UK goal of establishing Grid-compatible methods of sharing data
  • To support the development and use of algorithms, software, analytical methods and protocols to allow the reliable integration of biological data of known provenance between levels of biological organisation to address specific biological problems
  • To facilitate the wide dissemination and use of algorithms, software, analytical methods, protocols, data collections and best practice, generated by the initiative
  • To provide training in bioinformatics and e-Science to address the needs of relevant user communities


  1. A number of e-science tools were developed


Michael Ball

tel: 01793 413282
fax: 01793 413234