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Transnational research projects on systems biology in micro-organisms


  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany
  • Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Austria
  • Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
  • Research Council of Norway
  • Ministry of Education and Science, Spain

Funding total


Number of projects funded

11 consortia / 91 groups

List of awards


To provide a quantitative understanding of cellular processes within a micro-organism and to develop a mathematical model facilitating computer simulation of biological experiments.

Key aims

  • In addition to the interdisciplinary research approach on the basis of work-sharing, which is an absolute must for systems biology, European integration in systems biology is also to be promoted and enhanced by the collaboration of European working groups
  • To support transfer of research results from science into application and commercial exploitation
  • To strengthen the existing good scientific collaboration between the countries involved


  1. Support research and establish new collaborations between the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and Spain.
  2. Funding posts


Gabriela Pastori

tel: 01793 413363
fax: 01793 413234