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Cognitive systems


  • ESRC
  • MRC
  • Wellcome Trust

Funding total


Number of projects funded

5 funded with 6 grants. We also co-founded 9 further awards made by our co-funders.


Many interdisciplinary research projects in this area are already supported by Research Councils, but as the Cognitive Systems field develops, many more may be needed, to facilitate this research, the Welcome Trust and Research Councils will jointly consider funding interdisciplinary proposals in this area.

Key aims

  • The interdisciplinary aspect is a key element of this highlight notice
  • Proposals will span the research remits of two or more of the Funders group
  • Applications are welcome with a strong element of interdisciplinary training
  • This highlight notice aims to encourage high quality research proposals in this area and to provide a mechanism for potential co-funding within the Funders group


Simon Kerley

tel: 01793 414654
fax: 01793 413234