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Project results: 2006-10 (PDF 78KB)

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BBR awarded projects by university 2006-2010 (PDF 216KB)

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Active and completed grants awarded through the BBR fund.


Our Delivery Plan 2005-2008 recognised an increasing role for bioinformatics and biological resources (BBR) to enable cutting edge bioscience with a need to provide "proper support for resources such as databases, genetic resources and culture collections which require long term maintenance and curation".

Key aims

Assessment panel

This Panel met to consider full applications;

Professor A Dell (Chair) - Imperial College London
Professor A Archibald - The University of Edinburgh
Professor RA Baldock - MRC Human Genetics Unit
Dr DG Brown - Pfizer Ltd UK
Dr M Csukai - Syngenta Ltd
Dr G Elgar - MRC National Inst for Medical Research
Professor A Greenland - National Inst of Agricultural Botany
Professor TC Hodgman - The University of Nottingham
Dr AM Kierzek - University of Surrey
Dr HJ Ougham - Aberystwyth University
Professor BA Wallace - Birkbeck College London
Professor A Wipat - Newcastle University