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National Institute on Aging: co-funding scheme

UK-US collaborative funding in the biology of ageing


  • National Institute on Aging (NIA) - an institute of NIH

Funding total

Up to £2M is available

Number of projects funded

Not yet awarded.


To encourage high quality, innovative UK-US collaborative research to advance the understanding in the biology ageing.

Key aims

To advance the understanding in the biology ageing in the following specific areas:

  • Age-related effects of diet on bacteria and gut health - Discovering how interactions between nutrition, the gut microbiota and host tissues influence health in later life
  • Ageing bladder & bowel - The underpinning biology and physiology of the ageing bladder and bowel, and the maintenance of homeostasis and function throughout the lifecourse
  • Age-related changes in circadian rhythms and sleep - How the ageing process affects circadian/biological rhythms and sleep, and implications for health and wellbeing in later life


For specific UK issues or BBSRC scientific remit queries contact

Louisa Jenkin, Strategy and Policy Manager – Ageing: Lifelong Health wellbeing
+44 (0)1793 413352

Sarah Plowman, Strategy and Policy Officer - Bioscience for Health Sector
+44 (0)1793 442196

Scientific queries:
Dr. David Finkelstein, Program Director, Division of Aging Biology National Institute on Aging

++1 301 496-6402