Tools and resources development fund: call 1

Support for development of novel tools, methods and technologies in the biosciences

Funding total


Number of projects funded



To pump prime the next generation of tools, technologies and resources that will be required by bioscience researchers in scientific areas within our remit.

Key aims

Panel membership

Professor Julian Burke (Chair) - Genetix Ltd.
Dr Justin Molloy (Deputy Chair) - NIMR
Professor David James - University of Sheffield
Dr Peter Levison - Pall Europe
Dr Raymond Owens - University of Oxford
Professor Paul Townsend - University of Southampton
Dr Eimer Tuite - University of Newcastle
Dr Lorenzo Frigerio - University of Warwick
Professor Stefan Przyborski - University of Durham / Reinervate Ltd.
Professor Frank Gunn-Moore - University of St Andrews
Dr Steve Conlan - University of Swansea
Professor Neil Thomas - University of Nottingham
Dr Anne Corcoran - Babraham Institute
Professor Claire Grierson - University of Bristol