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Sustainable bioenergy and biofuels (SuBB)


  • the Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

Funding total

Not yet awarded.

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Not yet awarded.


To underpin the generation and implementation of sustainable, advanced, bioenergy including biofuels.

Key aims

  • Identification, characterisation and improvement of novel biomass (including algal biomass) processing enzymes. Such enzymes may originate from different biological sources including: algae, animal, bacteria, fungi or plants and may be natural isolates or manipulated by molecular and/or metabolic engineering, including synthetic biology approaches, to produce more efficient enzymes
  • Application of systems and synthetic biology approaches for the development of microbial strains (bacteria, yeast, fungal) for the production of advanced biofuels and capable of using all of the sugars derived from lignocellulosic or algal biomass
  • The improvement of algal strains suitable for biofuel applications including genomics approaches



Nicola Easen, BBSRC (UK) eligibility and peer review queries

Vicky Jackson, BBSRC (UK) scientific queries

Sarah Wagstaffe, BBSRC (UK) scientific queries