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Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative - phase 1

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  • Defra 
  • Forestry Commission

A Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) initiative which is part of the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Action Plan launched in October 2011.

Funding total

This initiative will provide a commitment of several million pounds over the next few years to support strategic research in this area. This call is phase 1, which was completed in 2012.

Number of projects funded

Not yet awarded.


To fund high quality multidisciplinary research grants in the area of tree health and associated plant biosecurity issues.

Key aims

  • To generate natural and social scientific knowledge to inform the development of innovative ways of addressing current and emerging threats to trees and woodland ecosystems from pathogens and pests
  • To support the future health and resilience of trees, woodlands and their associated ecosystems
  • To facilitate collaboration between specialists in tree or forest research, and leading-edge scientists from the wider natural, biological, social, economic or other relevant research communities
  • To encourage and make best use of interdisciplinary and systems approaches, and improve the impact and integration of social research and economics in this area


Debbie Harding

tel: 01793 414653
fax: 01793 413234