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Animal Health and Welfare ERA-Net

Call status: Closed
Full proposal (invite) deadline: 21 May 2014, 5pm (CET)

Visit the ANIHWA website

This is the 2nd joint call for transnational research projects of the Animal Health and Welfare (ANIHWA) ERA-Net initiative.

BBSRC has committed up to £2M for this call.


We will consider all applications within our remit. However, areas currently of greater interest are:

  • Topic 1: Infectious endemic/production diseases, welfare in systems undergoing intensification
  • Topic 2: Novel tools and technologies applied to vaccinology
  • Topic 3: Novel epidemiology and modelling. If you are submitting in this area we strongly advise you to contact the office early in project development to ensure the project is within remit
  • Topic 4: Work on the gut microbiome or antihelminthics


  • Applications where focus is solely on surveillance and regulatory requirements
  • Applications where the tools, technologies or methods will not be applied to a biological challenge within our remit
  • Applications that are focussed on human diseases


Applicants must be eligible to hold a BBSRC grant. See our grant eligibility enquiries page for more information (see related links).

How to apply

The call for outline applications is closed (information below for reference only).

Applicants must contact us first to discuss the remit of their proposal and to confirm that the UK component is appropriate and falls within our remit.

Then submit your application through the ANIHWA website (see external links), not to BBSRC.

Further information

As this is a joint call costs should be entered at 100% FEC. BBSRC will pay 80% of the requested costs.

Defra will also contribute to this program and the awards may be co-funded. We advise applicants to contact Defra as well as BBSRC to confirm project eligibility.

Please see the ANIHWA website (see external links) for call topics and project requirements.


Merewyn Loder

tel: 01793 413283