Crowd sourcing for the biological sciences


The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has been invited to observe the call for proposals.

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To develop and deploy crowd sourcing approaches to complex, large-scale scientific problems within the remit of the BBSRC and that have relevance to one or more of the BBSRC strategic priorities.

Key aims

Applications should demonstrate:

Panel members

Professor Darren Wilkinson - Newcastle University
Professor Charlie Hodgman - University of Nottingham
Professor Davey Jones - Bangor University
Dr Eileen Wall - SRUC
Dr Erinma Ochu - University of Manchester
Professor Fiona Tomley - Royal Veterinary College
Dr Gavin Thomas -University of York
Dr Jérôme Waldispühl - McGill University
Dr Julia Hubbard - GSK
Professor Rainer Breitling - University of Manchester
Dr Mark Hedges - King's College London
Dr Will Spooner - Eagle Genomics