Food security and land-use change

Belmont Forum and FACCE-JPI special opportunity for funding


Funding total

This joint funding call totals approximately €10.5M between the Belmont Forum and Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change Joint Programming Initiative (FACCE-JPI).

BBSRC, ESRC and NERC, under the auspices of the UK's Global Food Security Programme are supporting a total of 5 projects across both project types.

Number of projects funded


To increase scientific understanding of the dynamic multiple scale interactions between food security and land use in the context of global change, and the consequences of these interactions for climate, ecosystems and social systems, including their economic and cultural dimensions.

Key aims

To provide funding for consortia consisting of partners of three or more participating countries, who bring together trans-disciplinary teams with multi-stakeholder participation (policy makers, regulators, NGOs, communities and industry).

The call emphasises three fundamental topics:

  1. Land use change impacts on food systems
  2. Food systems dynamics as driver of land use changes
  3. Feedback loop interactions between land use change and food security dynamics

Further details are available on the Belmont Forum: FACCE-JPI link (see external links).