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Resolving Technological and Methodological Gaps in Metagenomics

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Not yet awarded.

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To encourage the development of metagenomics as a tool that can be applied across the biosciences to support our strategic aims.

Key aims

Particular areas of focus included (but were not limited to):

Tools applied to analysis of metagenomic data

Applications intended to provide:

  • Optimised assembly algorithms
  • Improved tools and programs for gene predictions
  • Improved standard protocols for taxonomic classification of metagenome sequences
  • Development of metagenome analysis platforms (including metagenome comparison platforms)
  • Improved methods and tools for analysis of diverse complex samples (eg those arising from environmental samples)
  • Adaptation or development of tools currently designed for use with prokaryotes to viruses or eukaryotes

Tools intended to improve the tool of metagenomics

Applications intended to provide:

  • Tools to improve metagenomic library construction Including development of broader range of host/vector systems)
  • Tools to improve screening techniques, including functional or activity-based screening, and development of alternative screening assays
  • Improvement of high throughput cloning strategies for recombinant expression


Michael Ball

tel: 01793 413282
fax: 01793 413234