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Multidisciplinary research centres in synthetic biology



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Please see awarded grants (XLSX 19KB) for funding details and the rank order (XLSX 19KB) of this call.


To establish up to six multidisciplinary Synthetic Biology Research Centres over two years.

Key aims

As part of a larger "Synthetic Biology for Growth Programme", this call aims to boost the national research capacity and diversify UK expertise, stimulating innovation and facilitating interfaces with industry and other key stakeholders and include provision for:

  • training cohorts of skilled researchers
  • enhancing the UK's gene synthesis capability
  • accelerating the route to market for innovative synthetic biology research

Workshop download

Panel members (meeting held 6-7 November 2013)

Professor Al Brown (Chair) - University of Aberdeen
Professor Alistair Hetherington (Deputy Chair) - University of Bristol
Dr Joseph Adams - GlaxoSmithKline PLC
Professor Anke Becker - Philipps University of Marburg
Professor Jef Boeke - Johns Hopkins University
Dr Lionel Clarke - Shell Global Solutions UK
Dr Theresa Good - University of Maryland
Sir Roland Jackson - Sciencewise-ERC
Dr François Kepes - CNRS
Professor Vitor Martins dos Santos - Wageningen University
Professor Rachel O'Reilly - University of Warwick
Professor Sven Panke - ETH Zurich
Professor Brian Pfleger - University of Wisconsin Madison
Dr Saul Purton - University College London
Dr Françoise Roure - French Ministry of Industry

External contact

Luke Davis, EPSRC

tel: 01793 444478

Kedar Pandya, EPSRC

tel: 01793 444317


Ceri Lyn-Adams

tel: 01793 413206

Rowan McKibbin

tel: 01793 413301