Advanced Life Sciences Research Technology initiative

Funding total


The budget for this call was approximately £8M with up to £2M additional funding to purchase computing equipment that provides new capability or enhances capacity for the management and analysis of 'big data'. 

Number of projects funded


Please see awarded grants (XLSX 13KB) for funding details and the  rank order (XLSM 36KB) of this call.


To purchase items of advanced research equipment and the development of capability in its creative use, which is a key component in maintaining the competitiveness of the UK research base. 

Key aims

Panel members

Chris Pollock (Chair) - Independent
Rob Beynon (Deputy Chair) - University of Liverpool
Stephanie Allen - University of Nottingham
Michael Bevan - John Innes Centre
Roslyn Bill - Aston University
Paola Borri - Cardiff University
Julian Burke - Leica Microsystems
Helen Cooper - University of Birmingham
Paul French - Imperial College London
Gwen Le Gall - Institute of Food Research
Pippa Hawes - The Pirbright Institute
Kathryn Lilley - University of Cambridge
Marisa Martin-Fernandez - STFC-RAL
Tracy Melvin - University of Southampton
Justin Molloy - MRC National Institute for Medical Research
Raymond Owens - University of Oxford
Andrew Pitt - Aston University
Liz Reynolds - General Bioinformatics
David Stephens - Bristol University
Fiona Tomley - Royal Veterinary College
Eimer Tuite - Newcastle University