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Disabled students allowance

For students funded through a training grant (TG) or doctoral training partnership (DTP), universities can apply for help with paying Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).


Research Councils UK (RCUK) DSA help with additional costs of study-related requirements that may be incurred as a result of disability, mental health problem or specific learning difficulty that means additional support is needed to undertake a Research Council-funded studentship.

Allowances can cover the cost of:

  • non-medical personal assistance
  • items of specialist equipment
  • extra travel costs
  • general expenses

How to apply

Research Organisations should undertake the assessment of need and provide costs for the student when they are required.

Research Organisations can claim back eligible costs at the end of the academic year, a separate claim form for each eligible student should be submitted as an attachment via Je-S grant maintenance, by 31 October.

Students should contact the Disability Adviser (or equivalent) at their Research Organisation for advice.

Further infomation

Further guidance, including the DSA claim form, can be found on the RCUK website (see external links).