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Institute of Food Research - future partnership with UEA

15 October 2007

At its meeting on 9 October, BBSRC Council decided in principle that research at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich should be brought more closely alongside that at the University of East Anglia (UEA). This change will enhance the collective impact of research programmes focussed on the delivery of BBSRC’s High–Level Research  Strategy  2007-2012.  The mission for this enlarged centre of excellence will be to deliver high quality fundamental and strategic research to understand the relationship between food, diet and the optimisation of individual health. The detailed governance arrangements for this new venture are under active discussion but will result in a much greater integration between IFR and UEA.

This follows the Council’s decision announced in May 2007, to align IFR’s research with the UK university sector. UEA has now been chosen as the appropriate university. In reaching its decision, Council members received presentations from the Director of the Institute of Food Research (Professor David White) and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Anglia (Professor Trevor Davies) and from Trades Unions representatives.

The Council welcomed progress made through discussions between the Institute and the University. However, many details remain to be finalised. It has requested that IFR and UEA address these in discussion with BBSRC and other interested parties to agree Heads of Terms, prior to further discussion and, if possible, a final decision at the December meeting of the Council.

BBSRC has already made clear that its funding commitments to IFR until 2011 are not affected by any proposed change in governance.  


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