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Harvest the curriculum

Harvest the curriculum event - February 2014. Crossstudio
Venue: Sainsbury Laboratory & SAPS, Cambridge

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Delivery partners: Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS) and wheat researchers funded by us.

A two-day residential programme, collaborative project to produce lesson plans for biology using wheat as the example organism. Scientists and researchers will work together to bring the latest wheat research into the classroom and strengthen plant science teaching.

Project aims

Food security is one of our key strategic priorities and so it is important that we support science education that raises the understanding of recent wheat research.

The Harvest the curriculum event will build on the approach used by SAPS associate Richard Spencer (previous example at: and similar approaches to resource and software development that bring together a group of similarly skilled and like-minded individuals.

Project objectives

To produce 15 or more lesson plans focused on wheat as well as inspire and inform teachers with cutting edge wheat research.

Project outputs

10+ lesson plans on wheat.

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