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Talkscience: Patently obvious?

Talkscience: Patently obvious? iStock Thinkstock
Time: 6.00pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Terrace Restaurant, The British Library

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Scientists have long used patents to protect their inventions and allow them opportunities to commercialise their work. However, recent attempts to patent human gene sequences have raised questions over whether a sequence of DNA is an invention or a discovery and highlighted some of the challenges in assessing the patentability of biomedical developments.

Proponents argue that we need biomedical patents to provide the incentive for innovation but others believe that they could stifle scientific progress.

Recent controversies in cancer and stem cell research have highlighted the social and ethical, as well as the economic implications of biomedical patents.


Join the chair and expert speakers as they investigate the role of patents in biomedical discovery and invention:

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Tickets cost £5. Register your place via The British Library website.