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Science Communication Conference

Science Communication Conference - 1-2 May 2014. Bristish Science Association
Venue: University of Surrey

Map of venue

The conference has three strands for delegates to explore the topics with: Discuss it, Discover it, and Do it.

We will be running the Discover it session - Schools and scientists: Doing research together.

Our session programme will feature case studies about space science and plant pathology research, followed by round table discussions with teachers, researchers, funders and science communicators involved in these projects.

Taking part will be the speakers:

About our session

Scientific research is a journey into the unknown, so teaching science with tried and tested practicals does not prepare students for the excitement and uncertainty of scientific discovery. Undertaking actual scientific research provides considerable learning opportunities for pupils and provides researchers the opportunity to engage young people with their work in a rich and rewarding manner. Partnerships between researchers and young scientists can contribute to scientific breakthroughs and provide real insights and skills for aspiring young scientists. However, such approaches are not without their challenges.

Can young people become published scientists? This is an emerging approach to science education that has great potential. Come along and find out how you can involve schools and young people in research or support them to carry out their own scientific investigations. You will be able to talk to, and network with, those involved in this approach to learning science.

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