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Safeguarding the future supply of our daily bread

Safeguarding the future supply of our daily bread - 15 January 2014. Hemera Thinkstock

A new BBSRC publication highlights where UK bioscience is helping to create the tools and technologies needed to increase UK and global wheat production, by sustainable means, and to meet future demands.

Global demands for wheat set to rise over the next 50 years but, worryingly, wheat yields are not predicted to rise in line with demand. Access to new gene-based technologies, together with advances in plant science and sustainable agricultural practice could hold the key to a second 'Green Revolution'.

Building on their strong track record of leadership in wheat genetics and genomics research, UK bioscience researchers are set to play an important role in identifying the next generation of important 'traits' that will underpin the ability of UK agriculture to respond to the most pressing challenges:

Read how BBSRC is helping to achieve this in 'UK bioscience – helping to safeguard the future supply of our daily bread' available below. To request a hard copy please contact