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BBSRC congratulates 2010 Louis-Jeantet prize-winner

1 February 2010

BBSRC congratulates Professor Austin Smith on winning the 2010 Louis-Jeantet prize for medicine for his stem cell research.

Professor Smith’s early pioneering research on the factors contributing to the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells was funded largely by BBSRC (and AFRC, as was). He showed how pluripotent stem cells form at the embryonic stage, and how they could proliferate in a cell culture environment. The value of this in preparing for moves into clinical application is now widely recognised and acknowledged, not least by this award, for its cutting edge status.

BBSRC is delighted to see a UK bioscientist win one of Europe’s most prominent awards for leading-edge research. The award will further support Professor Smith’s research with 600,000 Swiss Francs (CHF) for the continuation of his work, and 100,000 CHF for his personal use.



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