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Swindon-based research council leads the way in walking to work

16 May 2011

As part of the Swindon Festival of Walking and National Walk to Work Week staff from the North Star Swindon-based Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) have been pounding the pavements of Swindon this week, clocking up the most miles for any organisation and also for any individual.

Image: BBSRC

Staff from BBSRC clocked up the most miles of any competing organisation in the Swindon area, walking a grand total of 410 miles over the course of the week.

Brian Stokes, a Health and Safety Advisor at BBSRC who coordinated the council's activities during walk to work week, alone clocked up 65 miles, the most of anyone in the area.

Brian said "I'm really pleased that my colleagues at BBSRC have joined in so enthusiastically with the activities during Walk to Work Week and proud that we've clocked up so many miles. Not only is walking a great way to keep fit and save on CO2 emissions but it also provides an opportunity to enjoy the local environment like listening to the birds singing etc. instead of being stuck in a traffic jam."

Last Wednesday, some of the staff arranged to walk in to work together. Led by BBSRC Chief Executive Professor Douglas Kell, the group met at the Regent Circus war memorial and walked to the research council in North Star where they usually spend their days granting Government funding for some of the country's most important research projects.

Helen Meade, one of the workers who joined the organised walk, walked three miles to work from Wroughton. She said: "Walking in to work together was a really fun way to start the day. I have always considered my distance from work too far to walk, but I will definitely be considering walking into work much more in future not only to reduce my carbon footprint but also to limit the ever increasing petrol costs! I really enjoyed chatting and joking with colleagues who I would not normally see outside of the office."



Images are available from BBSRC External Relations (see contacts below).


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