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BBSRC researchers awarded prizes for excellence in science

19 July 2011

We would like to congratulate the following members of the BBSRC community who have been announced as recipients of the Royal Society's 2011 Awards, Medals and Prize Lectures.

Royal Medals

Professor Steven Ley CBE FRS for his pioneering research in organic chemistry and outstanding contributions to the methodology of synthesis.

Dr Robin Holliday FRS for his highly influential discoveries of the 'Holliday junction' structure in meiotic recombination and the function of DNA methylation at CG base pairs.

Buchanan Medal

Professor Stephen Jackson FRS for his outstanding contributions to understanding, DNA repair and DNA damage response signalling pathways.

Gabor Medal

Professor Angela McLean FRS for her pivotal work on the mathematical population biology of immunity.

Clifford Paterson Lecture 2012

Professor Molly Stevens for her significant contributions to the biomedical applications of materials science.



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