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BBSRC welcomes government science funding

BBSRC welcomes government  science funding - 25 January 2013. Photodisk. Thinkstock.

BBSRC has welcomed news of government funding that will benefit world-leading bioscience. In a speech at the Policy Exchange, Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts gave further details of the allocation of the additional £600M of funding, mainly for capital investment in science and technology that was announced by the Chancellor George Osborne, in the Autumn Statement in December 2012.

The speech highlighted excellence in UK agricultural research and noted the role of The Roslin Institute, which receives BBSRC strategic-funding, in breeding the world's chickens - of the £85Bn global poultry market, 80% of breeding chickens come from genetic stock developed in the UK.

The details of the funding included investment in BBSRC's world-leading Research and Innovation Campuses, which make a key contribution to the UK by ensuring that research makes a variety of important impacts, enabling economic growth, assuring national security, contributing to interactions with important international trading partners and supporting key economic sectors.

Investment for the implementation of key recommendations it the UK Synthetic Biology Roadmap were also included.

The details of the £600M funding were: