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Babraham Institute marks inauguration of new cutting edge equipment

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6 October 2010

Dr David Oxley and the new mass spectrometer

Dr David Oxley and the new mass spectrometer for analysing proteins.
© Babraham Institute

The Babraham Institute, an institute of BBSRC, celebrated the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment yesterday by hosting a symposium attended by 120 people from BBSRC-funded Institutions.

In order to continue internationally-leading biomedical research it is essential that scientists at the Babraham Institute have access to the latest technologies. BBSRC funded the new equipment, which included four mass spectrometers used for the analysis of proteins or lipids, and the refurbishment of the corridor housing the equipment.

The facilities will also be available to companies based in the bioincubator facilities on the Babraham Research Campus as they will be able to request sample analysis from institute staff.

The symposium highlighted the potential provided by the new instruments by bringing together a number of external speakers who described their research with similar equipment. The first talk was delivered by Professor Douglas Kell, BBSRC Chief Executive, and this was followed by speakers from Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, Oxford University, the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and The Genome Analysis Centre.