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BioLayout Express3D: for visualising biological networks

BioLayout Express 3D: for visualising biological networks - 8 November 2013. BioLayout Express 3D

BBSRC-funded researchers at EMBL-EBI and the University of Edinburgh release a new, improved version of BioLayout Express3D, an open-source tool for visualising and analysing biological networks.

Network visualisation makes it easier to analyse and understand interactions between individuals, disease transmission, DNA sequence similarities, metabolic pathways, protein interactions, pathways, regulatory cascades and gene expression. BioLayout Express3D is a visualisation tool tailored to biology: it helps researchers see clusters of data and explore very large network graphs in two- and three-dimensional space.


  BioLayout Express 3D: for visualising biological networks

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In this latest version, BioLayout Express3D includes a range of new features:

BioLayout Express3D is produced by the  Enright Research Group at EMBL-EBI and the  Freeman Research Group of the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh; more information about the team is available on the BioLayout Express3D website .

To learn more about BioLayout Express3D, or to download version 3.1, visit