Video transcript: New strategic alliance for animal health research in Scotland

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November 2010

Albert Bouria, Area President - Europe, Africa, Asia & Pacific Region, Pfizer Animal Health

It's something that started a few years ago but when they decided in Pfizer to start the global alliance incentive there was an effort to put our relationship with academic and research institutes in a much more scientific place. Typically we would be going to institutes and ask them to do things for many years what we want them to do and, vice versa, they would come to us with some specific ideas and ask for money just to fund their efforts. We thought that we could achieve much more by being able to put our relationship in a more strategic context. So it is not any more but we want something or they want something with some common goals and we are committed that we are working together to identify day by day the best product to serve this goal. Pfizer is a research based company, we, our business is based on being able to uncover the mystery, the secrets of life and those things they have in technologies and they have know-how but it is not parallel.

By partnering with them, because we also have a lot of strengths, we are being able to tackle some very difficult disease treatments. We are looking at several specific diseases and we are looking at vaccines and therapeutics. Here there is a significant expertise in genomics and genetic sciences and also this is an area that is very interesting for us. We are doing some projects abroad with them and also we are doing a lot of initiatives, education initiatives with this institute. To me, the ultimate success is that through this partnership we will be able to put together things that will significantly enhance the way that veterinarians are interacting with their patients.

Pfizer is a company that is moving from a product manufacturer to a holistic health solutions provider and this is exactly what is happening in this consort. There are different parts that they are mastering, different areas, from agriculture, from genetics, from clinical sciences and this is exactly what we want to do. We believe that the new way that Pfizer is going it is going to be significant for us. I do believe that this type of partnership is setting a new standard in the way that research is conducted, by research based companies like us. Through these partnerships it will advance science at a level that products in treatment of prevention of difficult diseases will be developed because of it.