Video transcript: BBSRC and Global Food Security at the NFU conference 2011

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February 2011

Matt Goode, BBSRC
We're here at the NFU conference 2011 in Birmingham with BBSRC and the Global Food Security programme. It's a particularly exciting time for the food security programme as last week the programme published its strategic plan 2011-2016. After almost a year of work the programme's partners have now come together to publish exactly how they are going to work together in the future to meet the challenge of global food security.

Dan Godfrey, BBSRC
Here at the NFU conference it is a great opportunity to be here, a great chance to meet some of the stakeholders that we support through our science, and an opportunity to build things that we can build into collaborations in the future.

Matt Goode, BBSRC
Reflecting this new phase for the Global Food Security programme, the programme has also announced the appointment of Lord Cameron of Dillington as its first chair of the Strategy Advisory Board. We're also moving into a new phase as the Welsh Assembly Government are the first new partner to join the programme since the programme started in spring 2010. The programme hopes in the coming months to announce further new partners joining in.