Video transcript: The Saw Trust at the 2012 Royal Norfolk Show

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July 2012

Dr Jenni Rant, Project Manager, The Saw Trust
Hello I am Dr Jenni Rant I am from the Saw Trust which is based at the John Innes Centre in Norwich and we specialise in bringing together scientists to work with artists and writers to get people induced about science using creative techniques and we work in schools at lot but we also do projects with adults.

Video shows the stand amongst the show ground, with Jenni explaining the display which contains posters and samples of soil in various bins. She also shows the microscope used for the 'Mini-beasts' experiment that kids can participate in.

So we are here today at the Royal Norfolk Show and we are working with the Centre for Contemporary Agriculture and we are providing activities to enable people to explore the wonders of mud and soil and we want people to realise that soils are as important as water and air for the way that we live and so we have some science and art activities that enable children to come and learn about soils. We are showing children how the soil profile is beneath our feet and showing them it is made up of different layers and so that they can experience and feel the different textures we have tubes here that they can make their soil profiles in a bottle that they can take away with them and so we have different soil types here that we have collected from Norfolk and we got sand, grit and compost and they are able to layer them and make their own profiles in a bottle. Another activity we have got for the children is to explore who lives in the soil so they are quite familiar with the compost bins at home so we have the front cut off the compost bin so they can see the creatures busy working in this zone here turning our waste into compost and we got some microscopes here so they can look at some examples and we also got an area outside for hunting and leaf litter and some I don't keys so they can find their own mini beasts.

Lara A'Court, Graduate Art Student, The Saw Trust
Hello I am Laura A'Court I am from Norwich and am an art student graduate and I am working with Soil Trust today on a piece that is based on soil types. So here you can see I have a big board and it has been divided into squares.

Video shows the board on a big table, with different squares of soil on it.

Each square has been done by a different person that has come to the show today and its goings to be displayed in the forum. Here you can see three different soil types but there are going to be four boards with a total of about six soil types on there.

Dr Jenni Rant, Project Manager, The Saw Trust
So here are the leaf litter boxes which the children have been hunting in to find their own mini beasts…

Video shows the tally on a flip-chart and also the kids rummaging around in the 'Mini-beasts' boxes.

…and when they have been finding things we have been getting them to score on this tally here so it is a mini population study to see what is the most popular species found in the leaf litter.



  • SAW (Science Art Writing)
  • CCA (Centre of Contemporary Agriculture)
  • John Innes Centre - BBSRC
  • UEA (University of East Anglia)