Video transcript: BBC Countryfile's Adam Henson talks global food security

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July 2013

Dr Tristan MacLean, Inspiring Young Scientists Coordinator, BBSRC
Hi. So what do you think of the display we've got here today?

Adam Henson, Farmer and BBC Countryfile presenter
Well, it's absolutely fantastic. It is so vibrant and attractive and it is obviously dragging people over to it and I can see the kids really getting involved and learning. And what's wonderful about education, and getting over these kind of issues, is having a fun time while you're doing it. And it seems that you've nailed it.

Dr Tristan MacLean
What's been the best bit you've seen so far then?

Adam Henson
Well, just these kids, getting these plates and putting them on the countries where the food comes from and it just shows we're so dettached aren't we? A lot of us, children, adults, grandparents, we've all forgotten about seasonality, where our food comes from, how it's produced. And it's something that we need to be completely reconnected with.

Dr Tristan MacLean
So is this your first time on the food security issue here with GFS?

Adam Henson
No, I came onto your stand last year, and there is so much more going on this year, which is great, you're improving all the time. And interestingly, I am at the moment filming a new programme with Nigel Slater covering a lot of the issues that you're talking about here, and looking at food and how it's grown, where it comes from, taste and those sorts of things, which is great and it is of the moment.

Dr Tristan MacLean
So do you think the public are really really interested in this?

Adam Henson
Well I think they are. I think they are absolutely fascinated. I mean, food security is becoming a hot topic again. You know, with the growing world population they're talking about 9Bn by 2050 or whatever it is, and there will always be obese people in the world and there will always be starving people in the world, but we need re-educating. And I think my kids are learning about growing gardens and my grandparents understood the importance of food, but it is my generation that lost the plot really, we've lost our way, and we're the parents of today and we need to be re-taught.

Dr Tristan MacLean
So you'll be coming back again next year?!

Adam Henson
Absolutely! Definitely!

Video shows the Global Food Security exhibition stand.



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