Video transcript: How does the brain change with age? Part #5: Hitchcock emotional movie response task

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July 2013

Audio from an Alfred Hitchcock film

Diane Everson, MRI Radiographer, MRC CBU, Cambridge
You ok there? So we are just going to show you just the first, not the whole of the film, but some of the film. Ok. Just listen and watch. Thank you.

Video shows volunteer in MRI scanner watching clips from TV series 'Hitchcock Presents' (1961) whilst Diane Everson and Sofia Gerbase are monitoring the scan on computers

Sofia Gerbase, Cam-CAN Research Assistant, University of Cambridge
So this is the film that the participant in the scanner is seeing at the moment. It's a functional scan so we are looking at what is happening in the brain as they are seeing this film and it's meant to be provoking an emotional reaction, so it's a bit of a thriller with some suspense in it.

Video shows computer monitor playing the film clips

So the little boy has a gun and he has put one bullet in it. He thinks it's a toy gun but it's actually a real gun and he keeps pretending to shoot at people and pressing the trigger. So you never know when the bullet is going to come out and who he is going to shoot. So keep the participants stand on their feet. And we're looking at blood oxygen level changes, which is what the functional scan is doing, so the functional scan is looking at the bullet signal of the brain. After we do the scan we analyse it and we get areas that light up in the brain and you look at that.

Video shows computer monitor playing the film clips

Yea so it's taken from one of his shorts, just to provoke an emotional response, but it couldn't be anything too upsetting. So it's emotional enough but still quite light hearted.



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