Video transcript: BioLayout Express3D in 90 seconds

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November 2013

Video explores the features of BioLayout Express3D, an open-source tool for visualising and analysing biological networks

John Wilcox, narrator

Welcome to BioLayout Express in 90 seconds. BioLayout is a free and powerful network analysis and visualisation tool to growing international user base. BioLayout has been built to help understand the ever growing volumes of data that are available in the world today.

Data comes in many forms and are released in many different areas of life and it is now often so big and so complicated that understanding it is a major challenge. With BioLayout you can turn data into network diagrams and visualise and explore the often complex relationships within data. Unlike other network analysis tools, BioLayout has been designed to work with very large graphs and to visualise and cluster these networks in 3D. This allows a user to access and explore far more of their data and better to understand the often complexed oplogy of large graphs. From here the user can drill down to see what is behind the graph and why certain things are grouped together.

The tool also has some advanced graph animation capabilities so the numbers behind the graphs can be seen in a dynamic way. Graphs can be generated in situations where you already know who is interacting with who, as simple pairs of relationships, as a matrix of relationships, or spreadsheets of numbers prepared in Microsoft Excel or similar. BioLayout can be used for pathway modelling with pathway models imported as graph XML files then flow simulations run large network diagrams.

BioLayout runs on Windows, Mac, or even Linux.

So are you ready for BioLayout Express3D? It's free, even for commercial use so why don't you give it a try at www.biolayout.org



BioLayout Express3D. Directed by Tom Freeman.

Produced and narrated by John Wilcox.