Research Committee E

Responsible for the award of fellowships and other personal awards

The Committee will:

It meets 3 times a year:

Other meetings as required: fellowship interview panels in April; departmental engagement visits. Members may also attend other BBSRC conferences including the biennial fellows conference.


We aim to have 13 members (including the Chair):

Richard Bardgett (Chair) - The University of Manchester
Martin Sheldon (Deputy Chair) - Swansea University
John Birch - Independent
Donna Davies - University of Southampton
Peter Doyle - Unilever
Ian Furner - University of Cambridge
David Gavaghan - University of Oxford
Susan Healy - University of St Andrews
Wendy Nicholson - The University of Edinburgh
Sheena Radford - University of Leeds
Alan Raybould - Syngenta
Michael Stumpf - Imperial College London
Greg Tucker - The University of Nottingham

Meeting dates


21 March

14-16 October

17 December


22 March

10-11 October

6 December


14 December