Bioscience for Health Strategy Advisory Panel

BBSRC identified Bioscience for Health (BfH) in its Strategic Plan as one of its three high level priority areas for the period 2010-15. The provision of strategic advice in this general area was previously covered by the Healthy Organism Strategy Panel (HOP) as part of its wider remit. With the revised focus of the BfH high level priority, the establishment of a new Strategy Advisory Panel to further develop and refine BBSRC's strategy in the area of BfH in the coming years was required.

Terms of reference

Under the BBSRC strategic priority in bioscience for health (with a particular focus on lifelong health and wellbeing), the Advisory Panel will:

Additionally the BfH SAP will:


Professor Eleanor Riley (Chair) - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr Neil Brewis - GSK
Dr Deborah Dunn-Walters - Kings College London
Professor Adrian Hill - The Jenner Institute, University of Oxford
Professor Jane Hurst - Liverpool University
Professor Cay Kielty - The University of Manchester
Professor David Kipling - Cardiff University
Professor Jodi Lindsay - St George's University of London
Professor John Mathers - Newcastle University
Professor Jeremy Spencer - University of Reading

Meeting dates and minutes


26 February

18 June


7 March

5 June

25 November


5 February

7 May

1 October

22 November


16 March

5 October