Exploiting New Ways of Working Strategy Advisory Panel

BBSRC has identified Exploiting New Ways of Working (ENWW) as an enabling theme essential to keep the UK at the cutting edge of bioscience (see related links). The ENWW theme covers enabling innovative working practices in an era of rapid technological advancement, the next generation internet and quantitative and computational approaches to bioscience.

The ENWW Strategy Advisory Panel will provide advice to BBSRC on a broad range of topics including:



Professor C Rawlings (Chair) - Rothamsted Research
Professor H Byrne - The University of Oxford
Dr P Flicek - EMBL-EBI, Cambridge
Dr P O'Toole - University of York
Professor S Homans - University of Leeds
Professor C Orengo - University College London
Mr F O'Brien - The Centre for Process Innovation, Redcar
Professor G Micklem - University of Cambridge
Professor J Dow - University of Glasgow
Professor P Shaw - John Innes Centre
Professor A Dell - Imperial College London

Meeting dates and minutes


22 March

6 August

16-17 December


2 August

6-7 December


16-17 November