January 2013 agenda

Medical Research Council, London

  1. Chair’s welcome and introduction
    No papers (oral)

Standing items

  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters from
    Status: Restricted - in development
  2. Round table of issues (standing item) 
    To include discussion of the recent 'Emerging biotechnologies' report from Nuffield Council on bioethics (see external links)
    No papers (oral)
  3. Strategy Panel updates

Items for discussion

  1. Institute public engagement embedding plans
  2. Citizen science and co-design
  3. BBUH pilot public dialogue (see related links)

To note and rapid items

  1. Proposal for a Horizon Scanning meeting
  2. GFS communications and public engagement update
    No papers (oral)
  3. Update on communications, public engagement and other activities
  4. AOB