Our vision

To lead world-class 21st century bioscience, promoting innovation in the bioeconomy and realising benefits for society within and beyond the UK.

BBSRC has a unique and central place in supporting the UK’s world-leading position in bioscience. We are an investor in research and training, with the aim of furthering scientific knowledge, to promote economic growth, wealth and job creation and to improve quality of life in the UK and beyond.

In the coming decades bioscience will be central to providing solutions to major challenges, such as:

Our vision is structured around world-class biosciencekey strategic research priorities and enabling themes – methods we will use to achieve our aims.

For more detail on our strategies in each area see our full Strategic Plan.

World-class bioscience

We have a strong commitment to funding curiosity-led research, and will continue to advance excellent bioscience across our remit from molecules to systems.

As well as funding world-class blue skies research we have three priority areas of particular focus.

Strategic priorities

Our enabling themes will help us deliver our strategic priorities by giving us clear actions to implement.

Enabling themes