Industrial biotechnology and bioenergy


BBSRC has identified industrial biotechnology and bioenergy as high-level priority areas in its Strategic Plan 2010-2015 The Age of Bioscience. BBSRC has a major role in supporting the development of new strains of organism and new biological processes towards improved manufacturing.

What do we mean by industrial biotechnology and bioenergy?

BBSRC's funding provision was published in its Delivery Plan (2011), it involves spending an additional £10M pa in this area by 2015.



BBSRC is working with a number of different sponsors to support the development of a high quality cross-disciplinary community, interacting with users and meeting societal needs. There are strong links with BBSRC's strategy of Exploiting New Ways of Working (ENWW) through the use of genomic, systems biology and synthetic biology approaches to industrial biotechnology and bioenergy.

At a national level, there is a portfolio of grant funding covering research funded by BBSRC which may be in collaboration with other sponsors including EPSRC and industry. The research is carried out in UK universities, and institutes that receive strategic funding from BBSRC.

Significant investments in the area include:

BBSRC also supports a number of national training activities in the form of studentships in industrial biotechnology and bioenergy funded through Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) . A competition to encourage fellowships in the area was launched in 2012.

The key aims of BBSRC are also being met through a range of international collaborations with key UK sponsors and other European funding agencies through ERANets and with the Department of Biotechnology, India