Wheat Initiative

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The Wheat Initiative was created in 2011 following endorsement from the G20 Agriculture Ministries.


The Wheat Initiative fosters communication between the public and private research community, funders and global policymakers. It provides a framework to establish strategic research and organisation priorities for wheat research at an international level.


The Wheat Initiative currently brings together 15 countries, two international research organisations and nine private companies, whilst continuously welcoming new public and private members.

An international vision for wheat improvement

The Wheat Initiative launched 'An international vision for wheat improvement' (see external links) document in May 2013 to outline its vision and mission.

Expert Working Groups (EWGs)

Through its Expert Working Groups (see external links), the Wheat Initiative identifies potential synergies and nurtures collaborations between research and development programs for wheat improvement in both developed and developing countries. Expert Working Groups deliver state-of-the-art, as well as gap analysis, and formulate recommendations addressing the research or organisational area for which they were created. They may undertake collaborative actions or foster the creation of international research programmes.

Participation to all EWGs remains open through call for experts. Any experts wishing to participate should complete the application form available on the Wheat Initiative website.

Established EWGs

Newly approved EWGs

EWGs under development

Further information

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