Our portfolio

BBSRC funds research in:

We fund research from the level of molecules and cells, to tissues, whole organisms, populations and landscapes.

Overview of BBSRC and Research Councils remit boundaries

We work with other Research Councils to ensure that applications for funding for research close to remit boundaries are addressed by the most appropriate Council.

For example:

We fund research on livestock species and managed land (e.g. agriculture) and fund studies on wild species only when they act as a suitable model, and provide wider understanding of biological processes.

Increasingly, we work with our sister Research Councils to support multidisciplinary research that crosses Research Council remits.

We would strongly advise you to contact us with any queries about our remit before submitting an application.

For specific remit queries about applications to BBSRC contact the remit officer, or for general queries about BBSRC contact External Relations.