Topical issues:

Food security workshops

International workshop on food security, Beijing, China

March 2010

Skills and translation of agri-food research in the UK

October 2009

BBSRC organised this workshop to bring together representatives from organisations across the agri-food sector, including:

The morning session was chaired by Professor Maggie Gill and involved discussions around issues for agri-food skills and translation of research, feeding into cross-government work in this area.

The afternoon session was chaired by Dr Celia Caulcott, BBSRC Director of Innovation and Skills, and focussed on high-level skills in the agri-food sector, with an overview of a new BBSRC Advanced Training Partnership (ATP) scheme and presentations from partner perspectives within the sector, as well as an overview of professional doctorates.

February 2009

BBSRC organised this workshop to bring together leading scientists, policymakers and funders with farmers, food manufacturers and retailers to identify the challenges to delivering sustainable food security and the science we need to overcome them.

The Government Chief Scientific Advisor Professor John Beddington gave the keynote address at the workshop, which was attended by over 50 other invited guests.

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From left: Pedro Arcuri, Katherine Khan, Doug Kell, Silvio Crestana, John Beddington

The programme comprised 3 sessions focusing on different aspects of food security:

Each session included short presentations by experts in the field, followed by breakout discussion in small groups.

We are taking forward the issues raised at the workshop by drafting a set of research priorities that need to be addressed to deliver sustainable food security. We will lead on developing these into a strategic roadmap for research, which will bring together the interests of all the funders in food security.