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Antibiotic hunters

Antibiotic hunters. Tobias Kieser

The team

From the John Innes Centre and the University of East Anglia:

The science behind the exhibit

Antibiotics have revolutionised the treatment of infectious disease since their introduction in the 1940s but do you know where they come from? Have you heard of MRSA, C.difficle and antibiotic resistance and do you realise how urgently we need to find or develop new antibiotics? We are rapidly losing the battle against pathogenic or bad bacteria and we are in an era of the rise of the superbug! We will take you on a drug development journey and you can become an antibiotic hunter and discover how leaf cutter ants are helping this arms race.

What to expect

Discover the amazing world of antibiotics and how they work, where they come from and how they are made. Give us your ideas of where we might look for new ones and go on your own antibiotic hunt leading to a colony of leaf cutter ants who make their own antibiotics!


  Antibiotics at the John Innes Centre

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Leaf cutter ant cam:

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